Pocket History of the Church (IVP Pocket Reference) by D. Jeffrey Bingham

Pocket History of the Church (IVP Pocket Reference)

Book Title: Pocket History of the Church (IVP Pocket Reference)

Publisher: IVP Academic

ISBN: 0830827013

Author: D. Jeffrey Bingham

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D. Jeffrey Bingham with Pocket History of the Church (IVP Pocket Reference)

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The story of Christianity is a fascinating tale. Here we find drama, vision and expansion along with failure, setbacks and tragedy. Yet during the past two thousand years the power of Jesus is felt throughout the interplay of human actors and the forces of world events. How can you grasp the story played out on such a gigantic stage? This book is an ideal place to start. D. Jeffrey Bingham has skillfully selected the key people and episodes to tell a grand and humbling story. From Roman persecution to the early creeds, from the monastic movement to the Reformation, from the rise of liberalism to missionary expansion, he chronicles the ups and downs of a people and a faith. This pocket history has been crafted for students, pastors and other busy people who want an informed, clear and concise presentation that feeds the mind and moves the heart. It is an account that nurtures the Christian virtues of faith, hope and love. For Bingham aims not only to uncover the treasures of the church's past but also to show how history aids your own spiritual journey today.