Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation with CD by Brad Chapin

Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation with CD

Book Title: Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation with CD

Publisher: YouthLight, Inc.

ISBN: 1598501496

Author: Brad Chapin

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Brad Chapin with Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation with CD

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This program provides a solid, yet flexible, foundation for intervention with adolescents. The strategies are presented in simple, step-by-step lessons, activities and reproducible worksheets. These strategies can be used for quick interventions with individual adolescents. They can also be used to create dozens of unique curricula, tailor-made to target specific problem areas for small groups or classrooms in middle and secondary schools. As the term self-regulation suggests, this approach emphasizes teaching teens how to regulate their own emotions and behaviors. The author has split the self-regulation training process into three functional areas: physical, emotional, and cognitive. Using strategies based soundly upon evidence-based cognitive-behavioral psychology, this resource will help you move teens progressively through skill areas in each of these three areas.